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529 Treffer
2022 18. Mai 2022

An efficient semi-implicit solver for solid electrolyte interphase growth in Li-ion batteries

Applied Mathematical Modeling, Online May 18, In Press - Open access

F. Schneider, J. Zausch, J. Lammel, H. Andrä
2022 10. Mai 2022

Machine learning-assisted multi-objective optimization of battery manufacturing from synthetic data generated by physics-based simulations

arXiv.org / Cornell University, arXiv:2205.01621v1 - Open access

M. Duquesnoy, Ch. Liu, D. Zapata Dominguez, V. Kumar, E. Ayerbe, A.A. Franco
2022 10. Mai 2022

Sensitivity analysis of the trapping potential of different rock types using Digital Rock Physics

Master Thesis, Department of Petroleum Engineering, Montan Universität Leoben, Austria - Open access

L.Z. Danicic
2022 02. Mai 2022

Study of optimal weaving shape according to formability and mechanical properties of polyethylene-based self-reinforced composite (in Korean)

Textile Coloration and Finishing, Vol 34(1), 58-67 - Open access

S-H. Yu, P.G. Lee, J-H. Lee, N.S.R. Kim, J-H. Sim
2022 25. Februar 2022

Two-phase flow dynamics at the interface between GDL and gas distributor channel using a pore-network model

arXiv.org / Cornell University, arXiv:2201.12063 - Open access

C. Michalkowski, M. Veyskarami, C. Bringedal, R. Helmig, V. Schleper
2022 22. Februar 2022

Modeling the solid electrolyte interphase: Machine Learning as a game changer?

Advanced Materials Interfaces, Review, 2101734 - Open access

D. Diddens, W.A. Appiah, Y. Mabrouk, A. Heuer, T. Vegge, A. Bhowmik
2022 19. Februar 2022

Effect of positional disorders on charge transport in nanocrystal quantum dot thin films

ACS Applied Electronic Materials, Vol 4(2), 631-642 - Open access

Y. Xing, N. Yazdani, W.M.M. Lin, M. Yarema, R. Zahn, V. Wood
2022 16. Februar 2022

Ex situ visualization and network analysis of water distribution in gas diffusion layer of polymer electrolyte fuel cells by synchrotron X-ray computed tomography under water injection

Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, Vol 55(1), 71-76 - Open access

S. Kato, S. Yamaguchi, A. Kato, Y. Matsuoka, Y. Nagai, T. Suzuki
2022 13. Februar 2022

Benchmarking conventional and machine learning segmentation techniques for digital rock physics analysis of fractured rocks

Environmental Earth Sciences, Vol 81, Article number 71 - Open access

M. Reinhardt, A. Jacob, S. Sadeghnejad, F. Cappuccio, P. Arnold, S. Frank, F. Enzmann, M. Kersten
2022 10. Februar 2022

Prediction of filtration performance of compressed fibrous media

Separation and Purification Technology, Vol 298, 120515

Ch. Chang, Q. Lyu, C. Linghu, Z. Ji, G. Li
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